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When Men Talk About Breasts

Breast Cancer is the leading malignancy in Ghana. Fifty percent of Ghanaians with breast cancer report to hospital with advanced disease. Many patients report late with this disease and early detection can help save lives. Presently, educational campaigns and research target only women and one cannot deny the psycho-social impact of the male contribution on their partners. A study in Ghana reveals that majority of male partners want to assist in early breast cancer detection if provided with the necessary skills. Increasing education for men will significantly increase their knowledge and positive attitude towards breast cancer examination and early detection.

October as a breast cancer month, is also a prime time for cancer related awareness events. As a brand that believes in creating value and making impact, we have created an all male advocacy event on breast cancer called When Men Talk About Breasts (WMTAB).

In 2022, we assembled about 50 gentlemen to commit to the support and education of breast cancer at the Airport View Hotel.

This year, MysterPratt In Partnerships with Synlab presents, When Men Talk About Breasts – Take Action Edition to further education on breast examination for men and also act as volunteers for their partners during the general screening exercise.

The event is scheduled for October 21st, 2023 at the Head Office of Synlab, Shiashie-Accra.

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