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1. Why the MP-Xperience?

In Ghana, the average married couple may have settled into a routine, and their everyday lives are inevitably defined by a certain amount of domestic drudgery and copious logistical headaches. It is better to let loose once in a while even though most of them are unable to do so because of the burden of responsibilities. Setting aside a good time despite everything else is an underrated life skill, and it’s just as important to personal happiness as it is to relationship fulfilment.

MP-Xperience – Tropical Vibes brings together different young and married couples under one colourful party umbrella for a fun-packed night. This couples’ party is planned to be fun, entertaining and engaging to keep the spark alive and meet and connect with other couples.

The MP-Xperience seeks:

  • To provide a carefree joyful experience for couples to be better positioned to unwind and have fun.
  • Provide an environment for married couples to socialise and to rely on others for psychological and emotional stimulation for a life spark.

2. About the Organizer

MP-Xperience – Tropical Vibes is being organised by Myster Pratt, a Ghanaian-born, passionate,  Global Wedding MC. As Master of Ceremonies, he has hosted over 900 weddings and other wedding events in Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Namibia, Morocco, France,  Netherlands, Portugal, and UAE. Some notable events he’s anchored include The Event Experience (TEXA, Nigeria),  International Wedding Summit (Nigeria), Ready-Set-Wed (Ghana),  East African Wedding Show- Kigali (Rwanda) and a Meet-and-Greet event in Namibia. He’s currently running an accelerator program to support event start-ups and businesses to run their operations efficiently.In 2020, Myster Pratt has adjudged the Best Events MC in Ghana at the Ghana Events Industry Conference Awards. In 2021, he was on Ghana’s Honorary List for the top 50 African Event Influencers.

4. MP-X Party Tool Kit

This is all you need for the night. Let’s party wild and free. You can purchase the item you want to set yourself up for a mind-blowing night.

5. Sponsors

Thank you for supporting couples to live life to its fullest and sharing the vision of this event.

6. Contact Us

Kindly reach out to us for any feedback, questions or comments via

+233 204 928 055